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We only work with one boating business per city.
Don’t let that be your competetion.


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Maritime Industry Marketing Agency
Our goal is to become part of your team and help you grow your business. If you want more business than you need to invest in marketing. Our trust based ranking system offers guaranteed results.

Local SEO

When people are looking for something they turn to Google. If you want more business we can get your website traffic from Google for quality searches with buying intent.


The reason Google is a $2 Trillion company, it’s because advertising in Google works. We optimize Google Ad Campaigns to convert and provide a profitable return on investment.

Social Media

Particularly in the boat rental business having a great presence in social media is an effective boat advertising method. We can manage your social media and help grow your following and engagement. Read More

Digital Dominance Method

We use trust based ranking to push your website to the first page of google. Our process is based on Google’s patent E.A.T (Expertise – Authority – Trust). But we don’t stop there. We offer re targeting and reputation management for an omnipresence that gets consistent bookings day after day.

Boat Advertising Made Easy

A website is a digital billboard that you can show to potential customers who want to give you their business.  Putting up a billboard in a low visibility doesn’t help get you more business. Why invest in a digital billboard that no one sees that doesn’t get your new customers? Let us worry about your advertising so you can focus on running your business.


SBA recommends that small businesses spend 10% of revenue on marketing


Average Client Increases revenue 3x when they invest in digital marketing.

Trust Based Rank

A web page ranks because Google trusts it. Our process gains Google trust quickly so results happen FAST. If your website needs more trust and authority to out rank your competition. If you don’t then your competitor is stealing your business that is rightfully yours. Let’s change that today!
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Grab a copy of our digital marketing checklist. It will give you an idea of what is included in our service and things you can do to jump start your lead generating ability for your boat business.  The list includes all the best practices for boat marketing.

Reasons Why We Are Different

If you don’t see massive movement in your search engine rankings in 60 Days we will give you a complete refund.

  • Guaranteed Results
  • Boating Industry Experts
  • We Are Your Marketing Partner.
  • Mission To Grow Your Business.

Yacht Profits Team

Meet some of the key players in our boat marketing agency.  We are all committed to getting you results and changes lives. Effective marketing impacts businesses more than anything..
Jon Brown

Jon Brown


Jeff Bistany

Jeff Bistany

Director Of Sales

Testimonials From Our Clients
“Working with the Yacht Profits team has resulted in our calendar being booked out for three weeks straight.”
Sheera G

“The adwords campaign got us two dozen bookings in the first month. We are not used to being so busy but that’s a good problem to have.”


Our prices can be customized to fit your budget. The SBA recommends that the marketing budget be around 10% of revenue.  We can start you with a custom package that fits your budget and grows as your business grows. Results are guaranteed.

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